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Monday, May 15, 2006

Is blogging about a blog navel gazing?

I recently ran into some trouble with my mp3 player. I charged it and it wouldn't start. I kind of had the idea that the battery might be dying. Despite that thought, I did considertrying to email for tech support. It took some looking but I finally found the place where I could email for tech support. They told me how to reset the thing and told me to reformat. I thought I would give this a try but there was a problem, I had about 1000 songs on my player that I didn't have copies of. This meant that I was going to have to back up the stuff that I don't have copies of. The problem with that was that the player was designed to put files on but it took a lot of memory to back it up. I spent basically two days backing songs to my hard drive, recharging the battery and backing some more up. I finally got everything that I hadn't had copied copied and formatting was easy. I now just have to put my music back on the player. Hopefully it still works well.

As a large amount of the work that I do comes from the automobile and HVAC industries, the guy for whom I do most of my work posts a lot of interesting articles relating to the automotive and the HVAC industries. Today he posted an article about a six stroke combustion engine. The original article was in Auto Week but the article he posted was on a blog called Damn Interesting and I have to say it really is. It posts articles about science, engineering, psychology, and history, that are as the name says, Damn Interesting. On the front page we have articles about Feral Children, Tempoal Myopia, a reporter that outspied a spy, the relationship between high temperatures and violent crime, a new way to do chemotherapy, and other things.


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