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Thursday, August 17, 2006

I'm back again

As I said before, I needed to rest after Sunday (the 6th) at Lollapalooza because I had to work on Monday morning. Unfortunately, between my not getting enough sleep on Sunday night (I was too tired to write on Monday), my brother visiting on Tuesday and my trip to Michigan on Wednesday through Monday for family reunions and to visit my immediate family, I didn't have time to write. So now that I have returned, paid my bills, gone through all of the emails that I didn't check when I was in Michigan, answered some emails that I had to answer, and got enough sleep, its time to write. The last day at Lollapalooza was relatively light for me as far as music was concerned. I arrived to see glorified bar band/early Bruce Springsteen fronting a punk band, The Hold Steady. Craig Finn, the lead singer, has truly got the geek rock thing down. I then saw Nickel Creek, and Andrew Bird both of whom are amazingly talented musicians. I then went to take a break before I started working at 5 PM. I caught most of Of Montreal's set because I was working near their stage but I really don't care for them. I had seen them once before and didn't really care for their music then either. I then saw Queens of the Stone Age from a distance and while I like their music, I was very happy to be working from a distance because they are the loudest band that I have ever heard. I was about 250 yards from the stage and I still needed ear plugs. The band that I really wanted to see played next and they did not disappoint. Broken Social Scene only got a 45 minute set but they did a great set and everyone in the band was there to participate in at least a few songs. All 13 were on stage for the last song and it was almost transcendent. A buch of people wanted an encore but they wanted to bring Red Hot Chili Peppers out. I was not interested in seeing RHCP so I left. They were good about 15 years ago but they have lost their edge.

I mentioned what I have been doing since then at the beginning so I go to what is coming up. I'm volunteering on Saturday and Wednesday and I am going out for brunch to celebrate Tracy, Sebastian, and hopefully my Dad's birthday on Sunday. And I will post when I am of a mood to.


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