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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Social Life

I had fun on Saturday volunteering for the High Ridge YMCA through One Brick. As a group we did a lot of outside maintenance work; picking up, garbage, laying down mulch, painting picnic tables. I was trimming shrubbery along the fence line which is really hard work after a while. My forearms and pecs were really sore on Sunday. I enjoyed the work though and it was good to see a few friends. Afterward we went to Mullens which is an Irish tavern near where we were to eat, drink, and socialize. Sunday morning I met my sister Tracy and her family, her friends Lisa and Kelly, and Kelly's husband Chris at Drury Lane Theater and Convention Center in Oakbrook Terrace for Sunday Brunch. The brunch buffet was amazing. The area that the food was in was the size of a football field and very few people could get a representative sample of everything on the menu. I ended up getting three plates of food plus dessert and never repeated. Needless to say, this was the only meal that I ate on Sunday. Monday was my nephew Sebastian's birthday and my brother Marty was coming back from Wisconsin. I went up to Tracy's house to celebrate Sebastian's 4th birthday and to visit with Marty. As is usual, Marty brought a bunch of junk from Wisconsin, this time it was fudge and beer.

Tomorrow is another volunteer night with the CBF which I will be attending. I may or may not write after. So, until next time...


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