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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I work in the Adsorbents group at UOP. Our group is doing Adsorbent School this week and I am attending many of the classes. We were going through Adsorbent Dynamics this morning and I made a realization. When I was in the Navy going to Naval Nuclear Power School, one of the classes that I had to take was Thermodynamics. It was my worst class. What can I say, I didn't get it. When I got to MSU and was taking my first semester of Physical Chemistry, I got to see Thermodynamics again. I hated it. While I will take part of the responsibility, I will also blame it on my professor. He was incredibly intelligent, being a Rhodes Scholar, but being as smart as he was, he couldn't teach. I passed the class but I still didn't get it. While I was listening to the lecture today, I realized that my job is all about thermodynamics. That part of chemistry that has been my nemesis is what is paying my paycheck.


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