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Monday, October 23, 2006

The Upcoming Election

There are a lot of things that I could say about the upcoming election but I won't say them because I think its unnecessary. Those people that know me already know how I feel about the political situation in this country and anything else that I could say would simply be redundant.What I actually wanted to talk about is me (and what a surprise that is). In the election in 2004, I volunteered as an election monitor and stood outside several polling places making sure that those people that were legally permitted to vote were allowed to vote. I handed out flyers that enumerated a voter's rights and I had a phone number where I could reach a lawyer if we really ran into trouble. A voter only needed my help (aside from the flyering) a few times and I only had to call a lawyer once. At the end of the day I was exhausted but I was very glad to have done what I did. This yearI am going to actually be an election judge. One of my issues is to ensure that everyone who is registered to vote is allowed to vote so in August when I got an email suggesting I sign up as an election judge, I did. I almost immediately began second guessing myself and I was thinking of waving it off when I got a call from the county clerk's office asking if I was interested. The next day, I received a date for training so i decided I wouldn't call to cancel. Having said that, I was still thinking of blowing off training and not doing the judge thing. My training was scheduled for last Saturday and I was undecided until Friday when I received a letter telling me where I was going to be working. My decision was made. I went to the training and I will be an election judge on November 7.

I now have to do some research to figure out who I will be voting for. I won't be working in my precinct (although I will be working close) so I will have to vote early.


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