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Thursday, September 30, 2004


I may have become used to being busy. After two days when I had little to do after work, the time for bed has come and gone and I really can't sleep. I know that I'm really going to regret tomorrow but I have read that if you can't sleep, you should get up and do something because laying in bed tossing and turning is not going to help you sleep. So I sit here writing in my blog. I didn't think that I would write tonight because I spent most of my time watching movies, but since I can't sleep, I'll write.

I had a pretty busy day at work today which I don't actually mind because it helps the time go faster. I spent most of it burning samples, but I also had to ship some equipment back to the owners of it, do some paperwork (or computer work as the case may be), and participated in Safety Day. Where a bunch of stations about the different safety groups were set up and we had to fill out a crossword puzzle in order to get a free lunch. There were also several raffles and since I'm pretty lucky when the prize isn't worth much, I participated in all of them. I will find out tomorrow if I won anything.

After work, I went to Target and then the Hallmark store to get a gift for my cousin Jeff and his fiance' Mo (Maureen). They are getting married on Saturday which I think I may have mentioned already but I'm mentioning again. Hopefully when I go to Detroit to the wedding, I may be able to see some friends from college who live in the area. Time will tell.

I got home and watched Dirty, Pretty Things (a movie about illegal aliens and the black market organ market in London). It was really good. I then ate dinner and started watching The Station Agent. I interrupted that movie at about 9 PM because I wanted to call my friend Sharon and 9 PM is when I usually call. So I called and I actually got a hold of her. We talked for about an hour and I was reassured about some things but a little sorry that the interim job that she was going to go to didn't work out and because of that fact, a friendship may have ended. It was good to hear that she was confident about things, as opposed to when she was working for the record company and truly miserable. I have the greatest confidence in her and hope that everything works out for the best.

I have now been writing for half an hour. I don't feel any more tired than I did but having said that, I think I will try, nonetheless to sleep. Tomorrow, I need to pack for my trip to Detroit and wrap Jeff and Mo's gift.


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