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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Raccoons and weddings

My trip to Michigan was pretty nice although there was a little oddness to contribute to the weekend. I stayed at my brother Marty's house in Ypsilanti and the wedding was going to be in Auburn Hills, so I was expecting about a 70 mile drive to (and from) the wedding on Saturday. My brother has a cat and he has a cat door so the cat can come and go as he pleases. This though, has created a problem. It seems that a young raccoon has taken to raiding his apartment via the cat door. I saw the thing poke its head through the cat door a couple of times on Friday but we thought that we scared it away. On Saturday morning however, there was evidence that it had been in the house. As I was sleeping near the window, this freaked me out a little. Just a little though, I had to get ready to go to the wedding.

So, I went to the wedding and reception which were very nice. It was nice seeing my cousins, the food was excellent, and it was good that my cousin had finally decided to marry the girl he had been going with for almost 10 years. I left relatively early, about 10 PM because I knew that I was going to have to drive an hour back to my brother's place, I didn't want to drink any more if I was going to be driving, and it's no fun being the sober one when everyone else is drinking. I was hoping to call one of my friends from college (MSU) who lives in the area, but I forgot to put his number in my cell phone.

I got back just in time to deal with the raccoon again. In the time between when I got back and when I went to bed, I saw the thing 4 times. The second time it showed up, my brother broke out his camera and shot several close up pictures of it. He's supposed to send me a picture and when he does, I will post it. I have to hand to that thing, it certainly was persistent. When I saw that the cat was in the house, I decided to block the cat door becaus I wasn't going to have a raccoon crawling by me again while I was sleeping.

In the morning, my brother had to go to work, so I was going to be by myself before I left for home. I decided to call another friend from college, Jenny Christopher, to see if we could get together. Unfortunately, due to the fact that she lived 50 miles away and was going to be doing something with her boyfriend in the afternoon, we couldn't swing it although we did have a pretty good talk. It was good to catch up with her. I then packed, had lunch, and drove home which brings us to the present. I don't know what I'm going to be doing this week but I do know that I will watch some Netflix movies and redo my resume. If I haven't talked about that, I will bring it up in next week's blog.


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