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Monday, October 04, 2004

It arrived finally...

The posts that I attempted to post last night and thought that I lost finally arrived on the blog tonight. My long post actually showed up twice so I ended up deleting it. So what have I done today? Very little and I actually feel a little ashamed. I was pretty much done with all of the work that I had for today by noon so I spent the rest of the day doing busy work. I got home, started going through my email, took a nap. Checked my mail to find that my Netflix movie (Kill Bill vol.2) arrived today while I was sleeping. The mailman either didn't ring the doorbell or I slept through it. This time though, they left a card so I can pick it up at the post office tomorrow. Pirates of the Carribbean and the bonus disk should arrive tomorrow.

After I walked around the block to ensure that the mailman was truly gone, I finished going through my email and made dinner, chicken and vegetable tangine. I also talked to my brother who called to ask me what I knew about Zoroastrianism, apparently one of his acquaintances is Zoroastrian. I was a little familiar with it, learning a little in religious history in high school and having a co-worker who is Zoroastrian.

I then sent an email to a friend in the Detroit area who I missed this weekend because I forgot to put his phone numbers in my phone. I apologized and should probably call him sometime this week.

After all of this, I spent about an hour trying to figure where I should put the hit counter code for this blog. I don't expect the numbers to climb very fast or very high because I haven't told any of my friends or family the address to my blog. Why would I not tell anyone what the address is? While most of this is pretty mundane, there are times when I do leave my self pretty vulnerable and I would prefer to be able to get things off my chest than to have to edit myself because I'm worried about what my family or friends might say about how I'm feeling.

This is where I end this. Hopefully my brother sends me a picture of the raccoon tonight so I can post it tomorrow. Everyone have a good night and I will again post tomorrow.


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