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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Visiting my sister

After church this morning, I went to visit my sister Tracy for the day. She is going to England next week for her 4th anniversary because her husband has to be there on business. I wanted to see her before she left because I wanted to see her and I hadn't been over in a few weeks. I sat with her and the boys while they had lunch, played with her boys for a little while and when everyone laid down for a nap, I did my laundry and called my sister, Melissa, whose 24th birthday was today. My parents took her out to dinner to Applebee's where she had Orange Chicken. For her birthday, she normally goes to Pi's, but her boyfriend doesn't like chinese food so she decided to go to Applebee's and got her Chinese food there.

I wouldn't normally bring my laundry over to my sister's house except that for whatever reason, several people in my building decided that today would be a good day to do laundry and I was the last in line for one washer and one dryer.

Sebastian, my youngest nephew who is two, woke up first and we played together quietly for about an hour before Tracy, my sister, and Sebastian's brother, Alexander got up. Then the kids got a little wilder. It was my job to keep them occupied, while Tracy made dinner. We had a nice dinner, Chicken Masala, rice, and peas. Unfortunately, Tracy is raising two very picky eaters. Alexander will not eat vegetables or pasta and Sebastian won't eat meat.

While we were eating, my parents called and said they would be there in about twenty minutes. They were coming down to watch my nephews while their parents were in England. It was rather funny watching Alexander waiting for Grandma and Grandpa. He was sure the clock was broken because it didn't look like it was moving. He wanted one of us to take it down so he could change the battery.

My parents arrived, we played some more, the kids went to bed, and I came home. Tomorrow, I will go over there again to pick up a couple of boxes of stuff that will be offered for sale on Ebay.

And that is all for this evening, goodnight.


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