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Saturday, November 13, 2004


I just got home tonight. I worked for six hours on the silent auction of a Sunnyridge black tie event. We helped them raise $100,000 for their charity tonight. They had two silent auctions with approximately 220 items and one live auction with five items. They also had dinner, dancing, and a live band. It was a good event and it was pretty funny seeing friends dressed up as much as they were.

As it is pretty late and I'm pretty tired, I am going to keep this very short. I will finish with two notes on the Iraq war, the casualty total is up to 1170 today, 15 higher than yesterday. And in April 2003, the first full month of the war, there were 73 Americans killed, 51 "hostile" and 22 "non-hostile". The idea of hostile and non-hostile deaths during a war is pretty perverse. If a person dies a violent death in a combat zone, I would say that that is pretty hostile whether they were killed in a fire-fight or not.


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