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Sunday, October 31, 2004


I spent Halloween at my sister's house because in the seven years that I have lived in my apartment, I have never had any trick-or-treaters. My sister's subdivision started very early, the first trick-or-treaters showed up a little after 4 PM and we only had one group after 6 PM. Most were finished by 5 PM. My sister and brother-in-law were both going to take their kids out and I was going to give out candy but Sebastian, the younger of her sons, was not interested in trick-or-treating, or wearing his costume for that matter. Alexander had a Blue costume (from Blue's Clues) and Sebastian had a Clifford costume. Alexander was out for a couple of hours with his Mom but Paul, my brother-in-law, had to come home with Sebastian because, as I said, he wasn't interested in any of this. I started watching Road to Perdition while I was waiting for everthing to start and watched the end after the boys went to bed. It was a very good movie, albeit a little dark. I was afraid it was going to end up with a happy ending which would have ruined the story but it ended as I expected it should have, with the anti-hero having to pay for his sins.

I am now ending this as I am going to have several very long days coming up. I will make a point however, of posting what happened.


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