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Thursday, November 04, 2004


Today, I had a day of much needed rest. I did go to work today but I had nothing after work. I did do some domestic stuff and fought with my email program but that was about it. Greg Palast wrote today for
in Kerry Won... that if the spoiled votes in Ohio and New Mexico are counted, the exit polls were not incorrect, Kerry did win the election. This disturbs me but it does not surprise me. Working as a poll monitor, I heard many stories about voter dienfranchisement, largely among minority voters and largely by Republicans. This "win at any cost" attitude makes me sick. Democrats will not challenge their disenfranchisement because people are tired of this election and if they challenged the election results, the media would again try to portray them as sore losers. I know that voter fraud and disnfranchisement is not a new occurrence but it has to stop. If things don't get better, I feel a new revolution coming.


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