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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Catching Up

It has been a few days since I posted so I may post a couple of times today. The first day I didn't post (the 27th), Blogger wouldn't let me get on to post so I didn't. The 28th, I went to a Chicagoland Bicycle Federation Annual Member Meeting. They went over their accomplishments for the last year and announced their Top Ten Initiatives for 2005. They also asked those in the audience for any suggestions; anything that should be on the list but isn't or comments on the initiatives. I agree with where they plan on going although I did, after the meeting was over, think of something that should be addressed. CBF has been very successful with their bicycle ambassadorship program and they have started to extend it into the suburbs, but they need to get some bicycle advocacy in the Northwest suburbs. I have to say that I live in one of the most bike unfriendly areas in the Chicago area as far as roads are concerned. I may have to take this up when the election is over.

On the 29th, my sister called me up to visit because she was going to be coming down to pick up her husband at the airport. What ended up happening was she came over and picked me up and we went to Panda Express because her sons were hungry. She bought me dinner and then we went to the airport. We didn't wait long before he arrived so we picked him up, they dropped me off, and that was the end of that night.

Yesterday, I was going to be canvassing for Election Protection which is a joint project between Common Cause and People for the American Way. Unfortunately I woke up late and with a tremendous headache so I canceled. I am going to be working for Election Protection on Nov. 2 as a Poll Monitor all day so I don't feel so bad about not going in yesterday. So what did I do yesterday? I burned CD's (The Flaming Lips The Soft Bulletin, Tom Waits Real Gone, and Trans Am Futureworld), talked to an Election Protection representative about coming in for training on Monday and working on Tuesday, talked to my friend Sharon about the upcoming election and why the Christian Right has caused the assumption that if you are Christian you are automatically Republican. I do not subscribe to that view at all. My point of view runs along the same lines as those espoused by Sojourners and Public Christian. I also stayed up and watched Saturday Night Live because their preelection show is usually pretty good. The host for last night was Kate Winslett who was pretty good and Eminem was the musical guest which was very cool because his newest single is a VERY anti-Bush song called Mosh. It was the first song that he did after which he held up a sign that said vote.

Today is Halloween and I'm going to my sister's to scare the little kiddies so I should probably go.


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