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Saturday, January 22, 2005


I love a fresh snowfall and Chicago had it's third major snowstorm this season and it's highest snowfall in three years. The weather reports today were predicting snowfalls of 9-13 inches today. Having said that, after the expedition I made today to the post office, I would estimate that we ended up with about 14 inches on the ground and it is still blowing and drifting. I went out for a walk last night at about 9 PM. It had been snowing for a couple of hours and there was about 3 or 4 inches of new snow on the ground. The snowplows hadn't been around yet so the roads were fairly snowcovered. There wasn't much traffic, so it was very quiet... until I passed a local parking lot where someone was doing doughnuts. He was accelerating so hard I was sure he was going to leave his transmission in the lot. While I didn't see the driver, I am sure it was a guy because doing doughnuts is almost entirely a guy thing. Anyway, other than that parking lot, it was very quiet. The traffic that I did see was driving very slowly and there weren't many people walking around. Of course, when it's snowing hard enough to put about half an inch of snow in my hair in a half an hour walk, I wouldn't expect to see many people out. Most of the snow had fallen by the time I got up this morning, but there were still times that it snowed very hard. By 4 PM, I was very tired of sitting in the house and I wanted to return one of my Netflix movies. I went out and saw that there was no way that I was going to get my car out (although having said that, I had no intention of driving anyway). The post office is about a mile away which was a good walk, especially with the wind and the knee high snow. Walking to the post office, I really had to plan my route because a lot of sidewalks were still buried. Luckily, for the most part, when the sidewalk was buried on one side of the street, I could usually cross the street and walk on the sidewalk or at least through a parking lot. There were a few times, when I did have to walk in the street but I did make sure that there was no traffic. Walking through the snow reminded me of walking to school when I was a little kid. I felt like the intrepid explorer, it was great.

And now to completely change the tone of the update. In Iraq today, one soldier lost their life. This brings the total for January to 38 and for the war to 1371. The total looks like it will be relatively low for the month but its still far too many.


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