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Friday, January 21, 2005

Anti-Inaugural Ball

I have just returned from the Anti-Inaugural Ball at ACME Art Works. Acme Art Works is a nonprofit artists collective and much of the art that it featured had a decidedly leftist slant. The Ball started out at Wicker Park and we had a parade to ACME. The event was billed to be for artists, poets, and activists and it was pretty obvious when I got to Wicker Park. Several of the participants were in flamboyant costumes, they handed out candles, cardboard tophats, and various noisemakers and there was a brass band several of whose members are also in Redmoon Theatre. There were about a hundred of us in the march/dance and we had a lot of fun. One would think that an anti-inaugural ball would be very negative but surprisingly, it wasn't. The people that I met, while they were all very anti-Bush, were some of the nicest people that I have ever met. The Ball featured anti-Bush art, poetry, a drum circle, and music. While I was a little disappointed not to be going to Washington D. C., this very definitely cheered me up. I was very happy to have gone and will attend other events there in the future. I ran into a few people that I new through Chicagoland Bicycle Federation and met several other people that I was happy to meet.

While most of my posts have ended negatively, tonight I am in too good a mood. I would end with a casualty listing in Iraq. Happily this isn't necessary tonight.



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