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Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Animals are not people. They were put on the Earth for humans to use as they wish. Having said that, their is use and there is abuse. If an animal is killed, it should be for good use, for food. If someone intentionally kills an animal (as opposed to euthanization) they should be prepared to eat it. Zoos are a good thing. Humans, at this point in time, do not yet live in an environmentally friendly manner, so day by day they are destroying the environment. This means that animals are losing their habitats. This is why zoos are a good thing. It provides a place for the displaced animals to live. It can also help raise money to help preserve habitats. Wildlife preserves are a good thing but they have two major problems. First, because the animals are free to wander, they are harder to keep account of. This makes the animals more vulnerable to poachers. Secondly, a zoo can raise a heck of a lot more money for habitat preservation than can a wildlife preserve. Why do I bring this up? PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) was in two stories in the news today. First, a gigantic Maine lobster, weighing about 22 pounds, was caught today. The lobster named Bubba by the fisherman and didn't know whether to sell it to a zoo or for food. At market prices, it would have gone for about $350. I would think that a lobster of that size would be way too tough to eat. PETA offered to buy it for about $500 in order to release it but the fisherman decided to give it to a Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum. This lobster was a spectacle and deserved to be seen. Besides, as big as it was, it was very old and it was anybody's guess when it would die. Having said that, it died shortly after getting to the zoo. Despite the fact that it died, the shell can still be used for viewing. The other story had to do with elephants in zoos. I addressed most of this story already but surveys have said that elephants are the most popular animals at zoos. Elephants help to bring people in to the zoos and raise more money for habitat protection.

One last thing, Happy Birthday, Devon!!

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