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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A heart attack on a bun

A couple of friends (Jon and Terry) and I met our friend Bob at Paradise Pup today for lunch. It was recently rated in Chicago Tribune Magazine as one of the best burgers in the Chicagoland area which is really saying something because the other places were fairly high-end places in the city. The price for burgers at the other places ranges between $8-12 whereas a char cheddar burger with everything at Paradise Pup costs about $3.50. Granted Paradise Pup's burger is a little smaller than the other places (6 oz. vice 8 or 12) but the size is sufficient to make an average man full. The place is pretty small with almost no seating inside and a waiting line that ran out the door but there were six or seven round picnic tables beside the building. I had a bacon cheddar char burger with everything and 3 layer fries which are cajun fries with cheddar, sour cream and bacon bits and I didn't need dinner tonight. The food was very good although it was necessary to either eat quickly, use a lot of napkins, or both. The burger just wanted to slide out of its bun.

I have commented in the past about Hardee's Monster Thickburger about the size, calories, and fat. Paradise Pup's burger, while it isn't nearly as big, is sufficiently good to make me think that it is very unhealthy and should only be eaten rarely but savored when it is eaten.


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