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Monday, March 28, 2005

Busy and uninspired

As I said in my last post, I was going to be incredibly busy so would have little time to write. Having said that, if I had really felt like writing, I probably could have put something down. I really feel uninspired but I will give a rundown of what has happened in the last wek and a half. March 19th was the 2nd anniversary of the war and I marched. The protest was pretty big, the biggest since the start of the war and the state cops made me really nervous but luckily the police kept their cool and things stayed relatively calm. Saturday evening I volunteered as an usher at the PAC/Edge festival and met several more cool people. Sunday (the 20th) I worked helping set up a community art center in Rogers Park called the Wisdom Bridge Art Project. A few of us went out for a drink afterward and had a pretty good conversation with several new friends.

On Monday, I went to a volunteer managers meeting at Chicagoland Bicycle Federation. We talked about Bike the Drive and tried to figure who was going to do what. I think that I am going to be the Data Entry guy on volunteer Wednesdays.

Tuesday was our monthly book club meeting. We read Last Call which I found to be decidedly mediocre.

Wednesday, I had a great date.

Thursday I got ready to got to Midland for Easter. Friday, I drove to Michigan, helped my brother in Lansing move and then drove to Midland for the weekend. The weekend was great, my sister Melissa was in rare form and was cracking everyone up and my sister Kathryn got me an early birthday present, a book called Sorry Everybody, An apology to the world for the election of George W. Bush. It's a selection of pictures that people sent to the website, Sorry Some of the pictures were incredibly creative and the book is great.
I also got to see Michigan State win two basketball games. Final Four!! WooHoo!! Because of this I got home late last night and am now really tired.

This has caught me up so this is where I end this post. Goodnight everyone.


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