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Friday, March 18, 2005


I am going to be very busy in the next several days so I will post no when I actually have some time. I went to a circus last night. One of my friends, Jill, a member of the book club that I belong to, took a class in circus arts at Triton College. The class started around November and ends in March with the circus. She did some trapeze work, a rolling wheel, some acrobatics on a stack of chairs, and was a member of the Dimwits, an act that combined acrobatics with clown work. It was very cool and I was proud of her.

Tomorrow is the second anniversary of the Iraq war. I was arrested in the protest at the beginning of the war, the first and only time that I have been arrested. I have participated in other protests but luckily nothing has happened. I will be marching again tomorrow and hopefully will be able to again avoid arrest. This war is ridiculous and must end.

Saturday night, I will again be ushering at the PAC/Edge Festival and Sunday I will be contributing to the Wisdom Bridge Arts Project for One Brick. Monday, I will be going to a volunteer managers meeting for Chicagoland Bicycle Federation for Bike the Drive.

Tuesday is my book club meeting and Wednesday I have a date.

Movie: Curb Your Enthusiasm (season 2, episodes 6-11) (3 stars)
Book: Last Call by Laura Pedersen
Music: Part of You - Blectum from Blechdom
Iraq: March - 23
Total - 1521


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