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Sunday, July 31, 2005


The Midwest Independent Film Festival, also known as Indiefest started on Friday. I volunteered to help out in whatever capacity they needed on Friday and today (Sunday). I worked, on Friday, at the merchandise table and today I worked as an usher, after which, I was able to watch the feature. I will admit to having a taste that runs toward indie materials, both film and music. I find that a lot of mass-market stuff aims for the lowest common denominator and ends up losing all of its edge. I would say that indie art is more the undiluted view of the artist, aims for a smaller audience, and is more pure in form. Having said all of that, just because its independent doesn't mean it's good. It could be that the reason that it's independent is because the idea is garbage and it isn't worth the money to invest in it. That, I would have to say was the case for the feature on Friday night. It was called Blood Deep and it was one of the most cliched slasher films that I have ever seen. It was a typical group of friends getting together for a reunion at a place familiar to their past and people start dying. As is typical, the killer is one of the group. It reminded me of "Happy Birthday to Me" which was a positively mediocre slasher flick from the 80's. The movie I watched today was a documentary called Little Man which was about the trials of a lesbian couple after they tried to raise their 2nd child who was born via a surrogate 100 days early (25 weeks) weighing less than a pound. It was very emotional and the camera work was very good but it could have been better with a little emotional distance.

And so ends today's update. Everyone have a great evening.


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