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Monday, September 05, 2005

Rehnquist and Labor Day

Chief Justice William Rehnquist died Saturday night, finally succumbing to thyroid cancer which he had been fighting for almost a year. Rehnquist had served as Chief Justice for 19 years and had been on the court for 33 years, the 4th longest serving justice. He was 80 years old. Chief Justice Rehnquist has been at the head of the push of the court to the right.

President Bush has named John Roberts as his nomination for Chief Justice, elevating his nomination from that of Associate Justice to Chief Justice. Roberts had served as Rehnquist's Law Clerk in the early 80's. Roberts seems to be a conservative of the same flavor as Rehnquist. I did not like the views of Rehnquist which obviously implies that I probably would not like Roberts. He is relatively young and has little actual court experience as a Judge. Having said all of that, I have to say that because he is of the same flavor as Rehnquist, and would be replacing Rehnquist, I can't get as outraged with him taking this position as I did with the possibility of him replacing Sandra Day O'Connor. I have to say though that Pres. Bush better think long and hard before trying to nominate another extreme conservative. The actions of his government in recent times in regard to New Orleans and Iraq has got his approval rating in the toilet, He will need to be careful or he may get an outright revolution from his former allies in the Republican Part.

Today is Labor Day, the day that Americans use celebrate the worker. It was founded over 100 years ago. Most of the rest of the world celebrates the worker on May 1 and is known as May Day. May Day was celebrated unnofficially in the United States at the same time that labor unions were marching and pushing for an eight hour day. Labor Day was chosen as a holiday over May Day because May Day had the support of the Socialists, Anarchists, and later Communists. The United States is so opposed to the idea of Socialism/Communism that it could not even look as if it was supporting it by naming May Day a holiday. Now Labor Day doesn't mean much to most people other than as a celebration of the end of summer. While government offices, banks, schools, and other businesses do not open on Labor Day, most retail establishments, restaurants, and, of course, police, hospitals, and fire departments, are. Service workers don't have a day that they could call a holiday.

In Iraq, the total in Iraq for August was 85 and for September it is 3 so far. This brings the total of American casualties in Iraq to 1887.


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