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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Looking back

As you may notice, there is a counter on the lower right side of this page. I do check it to see where my hits are coming from. Several months ago, in January as a matter of fact, I saw a movie called The Assassination of Richard Nixon. It was a dramatization about the true story of Samuel Byck. A high school dropout and failed salesman who also had psychological problems. He began to blame his problems on the government and came up with the idea of running a plane into the White House. My update on January 11 was about the movie and about Samuel Byck and to this day, many of my hits are from people looking for info on Samuel Bicke.

Last September, Mt. St. Helens started erupting. I have periodically posted about conditions at Mt. St. Helens since then. Present conditions have a very large lava dome forming in the crater, low level seismic activity is fairly constant, and low levels of ash and steam have been periodically occurring. Hiking on Mt. St. Helens is presently prohibited.

One more soldier lost his life in Iraq today which brought the total for August to 65 and the total for the war to 1864.

In March 36 Americans lost their lives. They are as follows:

March 1: Spc. Lizbeth Robles

March 2: Spc. Wai Pyoe Lwin, Spc. Azhar Ali, Spc. Robert Shane Pugh

March 3: SFC Michael D. Jones

March 4: SSGT Juan M. Solorio, Spc. Adriana N. Salem, Capt. Sean Grimes, SFC Donald W. Eacho, Spc. Wade Michael Twyman, Cpl. Stephen M. McGowan, Sgt. Seth K. Garceau

March 7: PFC Michael W. Franklin, Sgt. Andrew L. Bossert

March 9: Spc. Matthew A. Koch

March 11: SSGT. Donald W. Griffith, Jr., Spc. Nicholas E. Wilson

March 14: Lcpl. Joshua L. Torrence

March 15: SSGT Ricky L. Kieffer, Spc. Paul M. Heitzel

March 16: Spc. Rocky D. Payne

March 18: PFC Lee A Lewis, Jr.

March 19: Spc. Jonathan A. Hughes

March 20: Spc. Francisco G. Martinez, Sgt. Paul W. Thomason III

March 21: Lcpl. Kevin S. Smith

March 23: Spc. Travis R. Bruce

March 25: Cpl. Bryan J. Richardson

March 26: Sgt. Isaiah J. Sinclair, Sgt. Lee M. Godbolt

March 28: Pvt. Mark Stephen Dobson, PFC Samuel S. Lee

March 30: Spc. Eric L. Toth, Sgt. Kenneth L Ridgley, Sgt. Kelly S. Morris, WO Charles G. Wells Jr.

March 31: SFC Robbie D. McNary

Details on thene people can be found at Iraq Coalition Casualties.


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