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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Liberal vs. Conservative

A study by the Bay Area Center for Voting Research ranked the political leanings of 237 American cities with populations above 100,000 and found that Detroit, MI is the most liberal city in the United States and Provo, Utah is the most conservative. The researchers examined the voting patterns of each of these cities and rated them both on liberal and conservative scales. The study found that the most liberal cities were concentrated in the northeast, midwest, and California and the most conservative to be in the south and interior west. This is no real surprise for those people who have paid attention to politics in recent years. The study also found that the most liberal cities tended to be economically depressed and had large black populations whereas the conservative cities had a very solid middle class and were largely white. While it did find liberal cities that were, as it put it, bastions of upper middle class, white intellectual liberalism like Berkeley, CA and Cambridge, MA, it found that this was the exception rather than the rule. I would tend to disagree, however, with the conclusion that the researchers came up with; that the great political divide is black vesus white. Being a middle class, white, intellectual liberal myself, I would argue with the point that the cities are conservative or liberal because they are white or black. While the most liberal cities do have large black populations, I would argue that education and economics are tied into this as well. We are still fighting the war for civil rights.

I did not comment earlier this week when Pat Robertson suggested that we should assassinate Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela. This is because this was only the latest in the Reverend's outrageous statements. He has also in the past claimed that the 2nd coming of Jesus would be in 2000, that President Bush had said that there would be no American casualties in Iraq, and that Orlando would be destroyed by a hurricane because it was hosting the Gay Games. He has recently apologized for calling for a "jihad" on Chavez after first denying that he said it at all. I really don't like Robertson's preaching and am amazed that he calls himself a Christian. While it is not my job to judge him, and Jesus taught to forgive, I don't think he should be allowed to preach his hate speech to a wide audience.

While it was a quiet day in Iraq and no Americans were killed, far too many have been killed in any case. 1 person killed in this illegal war would have been too many and we have had 74 killed in August and 1873 in total.


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