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Monday, August 22, 2005

More food, more updates, and a movie

I seem to come back to food a lot and most of the food that I talk about is junk food. Off the top of my head, I remember talking about chocolate and hamburgers several times and today I'm going to talk about Coney Islands. The Chicago Tribune today had an article about American Coney Island in Detroit. This place is a family operation that has been in operation for 87 years. The restaurant and it's coney dogs are an icon to Detroit like Pat's King of Steaks and their cheesesteaks are to Philadelphia, Brennan's and their Cajun food is to New Orleans, or Union Oyster House's clam chowder in Boston, (or the Billy Goat Tavern here in Chicago). Like the Chicago hot dog, an American Coney Island dog does NOT have ketchup. It is served with chili, onions and mustard (and, oh is it good!). My brother Marty lives in Detroit and both times I have come to visit, we have made a point of stopping there. The restaurant is wedge shaped with doors on both ends and the grill is in the center. Their are pictures on the walls of the celebrities and sports figures that have visited and the place is open 24 hours a day. So what are you waiting for? Go! Go Now! American Coney Island!

I mentioned in December about the guy who had been living in the bridge over the Chicago River. The police removed him and he has since had trouble trying to live a normal life (as could be expected for a "homeless" person). He has been in jail twice and is now in a counseling facility that his family found for him. To him homelessness is total freedom, which sounds very much like what the main character in the book, Into the Wild, thought before he tried to walk across Alaska and starved to death.

I am going to the Chicago Underground Film Festival tonight to see a movie about the RNC protests and subsequent arrests in New York last year. It is called The Whole World is Watching. I am very interested in seeing it although as I have not yet seen it, I cannot give a review. That will be tomorrow.

The death toll in Iraq today was 4, bringing the totals to 69 in August and 1868 in total.


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