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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Whole World is Watching

I wanted to post this last night, but the site was down when I wanted to post. That having been said, I wouldn't have done much more than review the movie last night. That having been said, not much happened today that was worth commenting on. I biked to work, I worked, I biked home. During the day, I called my brother Marty whose birthday it is today, I called a girl I know who works in an immigration law office because a friend of mine may have need of an immigration lawyer, and I talked to my parents who apparently had some car trouble when they were going home this last weekend. The water pump on my Dad's truck died so he ended up getting it fixed 90 miles from home.

Anyway, back to the movie. I saw The Whole World is Watching which was playing at The Music Box Theatre as part of the Chicago Underground Film Festival and I really liked it. It was a documentary about the protests in New York during the Republican National Convention. The filmmakers went to New York with a group of Northwestern students and much of the movie was interviews with the students after the events but there was footage of several major protests that occurred that managed to cover them without making the protesters look like circus performers or barbarians. Before each protest segment, the name of the protest was listed along with the number of protesters, the number arrested, and the high and low temperatures. Many times it was brought up by protesters that the media portrayed them as radicals or otherwise tried to minimize their cause. Stephen Colbert from the Daily Show was also featured in the movie talking about how the media will slant a news item to be the most sensational and how they are behlden to big money. The movie was very good and I hope someday that the filmmakers are able to find a distributor so the movie can be more widely seen. It is so small right now that it isn't even listed on the Internet Movie Database.

There have been 5 more military killed in Iraq since Monday night, bringing the total for August to 74 and 1873 in total.


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