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Monday, August 29, 2005


While Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama are dealing with Hurricane Katrina and I am sorry for the people that are having to deal with it, my life was fairly uneventful. This was a good thing because I was working on a program at work that could potentially have been very exciting and not in a good way. As I don't have a lot to talk about, I will document the Americans killed in Iraq in April. Before I do that, I will mention that there was one American killed in Iraq today. This brings the total for August to 79 and the total is 1878.

Now for April, 2005:

April 1: Cpl. Garrywesley Tan Rimes

April 2: SSgt Ioasa F. Tavae Jr., LCpl Tenzin Dengkhim

April 3: Cpl William D. Richardson, Sgt James Alexander Sherrill

April 4: SFC Stephen C. Kennedy, SSgt Christopher W. Dill, LCpl Jeremiah C. Kinchen

April 5: Sgt Javier J. Garcia, Spc Glenn J. Watkins

April 7: LCpl Juan C. Venegas

April 8: SSgt: Kevin Dewayne Davis

April 9: PFC Casey M. LaWare

April 12: Cpl Tyler J. Dickens, Spc Manuel Lopez III, Spc John W. Miller

April 13: Cpl Michel B. Lindemuth

April 14: Capt. James C. Edge

April 15: Spc Aleina Ramirezgonzales

April 16: Spc Randy Lee Stevens, Sgt Tromaine K. Toy Sr., Sgt Angelo L. Lozado Jr., Pvt Aaron M. Hudson

April 17: Pvt. Joseph L. Knott, PFC Steven F. Sirko

April 18: Maj. Steven W. Thornton, PFC Sam W. Huff

April 19: PFC Kevin S. K. Wessell, Spc Jacob M. Pfister

April 20: Lcpl Marty G. Mortenson, Cpl Kelly M. Cannon

April 21: PFC Robert A. "Bobby" Guy

April 22: PFC Gavin J. Colburn

April 23: Sgt Anthony J. Davis Jr., SN Aaron A. Kent, Cpl Kevin William Prince

April 24: Spc Gary W. Walters Jr.

April 25: 1st Sgt Timmy J. Millsap

April 26: Spc David L. Rice

April 27: Cpl Joseph S. Tremblay

April 28: PFC Robert W. Murray Jr., Spc Ricky W. Rockholt Jr., 1st Lt. William A. Edens, Sgt Eric Wayne Morris, Sgt Timothy Craig Kiser

April 29: Pvt Charles S. Cooper Jr., PFC Darren A. Deblanc, Capt. Ralph J. "Jay" Harting III, Capt. Stephen W. Frank, 2nd Lt. Clifford V. "CC" Gadsden

April 30: Sgt. Kenya A. Parker, SSgt Juan de Dios Garcia-Arana


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