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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Very short

As the title says, this update will be very short. I have spent a lot of time typing up a list of documents and photographs that I have used to prove my ancestors existed. Besides that, because I've been on the computer for a long time and the day has been warm, the computer is pretty warm and is acting pissy. I don't know how long I will have before it decides to crash again. I guess I better get started.

I saw today that the ship I was on when I was in the Navy, the USS Shreveport LPD-12, was in Biloxi, MS, assisting in rescue and repair operations in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. This makes me happy for more than one reason. If they are in the Gulf of Mexico, they can't be involved in combat operations in the Persian Gulf. Granted, the Shreveport is not a combat ship, and when I was on it, it had no offensive weapons. But helicopter operations did occur when we were in the Persian Gulf for Desert Storm. This is a very good operation and I'm happy to see that my ship is involved in it.

Also, a 63 year old woman, living in Slidell, LA, was trapped in her home for 5 days after the hurricane because an alligator was swimming outside. Amazingly , her mobile home survived the storm, but she was stuck there until the water dropped to a level low enough that she could avoid the alligator. After 5 days she was able to leave her home for food and supplies.

And in Iraq today, 5 more people were killed, which brought the total for September to 8 and the war to 1892.

I guess, my computer finally decided to cooperate and my very short update ended up not so short.


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