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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Congratulations Floyd Landis

Congratulations are in oreder for Floyd Landis, the third American to win the Tour de France. Landis, a former Mennonite from Farmersville, PA rode on Lance Armstrong's U.S Postal Service Team for three years before leaving for the French hearing aid manufacturer Phonak's Team, much to the chagrin of Armstrong. Landis broke hi hip in 2003 and while it functions, three surgeries failed to restore blood flow to the joint which resulted in a severe case of Osteoarthritis. He walked with a limp and he rode in constant pain. He will now have to undergo hip replacement surgery in order to implant a titanium joint. He plans on riding in the Tour next year to defend his victory. If he makes it, it will be an incredible recovery. I wish him much luck.


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