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Friday, July 21, 2006

Late Ride Booze Cruise

Last night the Friends of the Parks held their thank you cruise for Late Ride volunteers. I have been volunteering for the last four years and I have attended the cruise for three of them. I missed last year because I didn't notice that I had received my RSVP until it was too late. While the food hasn't been too bad (pizza mostaciolli, salad and cookies plus all of the beer, wine, soda, and waterthat you can drink) and the view is great, in past years, I have found the cruise pretty boring. The DJ has been pretty bad and I don't really have anyone to talk to. This year, however, I was very happy to see my friend Lisa, who came to a couple of warehouse work nights, came. We ended up talking for the entire cruise and she invited me out afterward. I was just coming out as a surrogate date to keep other guys from harrassing her and to hang out until the guy that she was going to meet showed up. She didn't seem that she was really sure about the guy she was meeting and while she did call him several times after we got to the bar that they were going to meet at, she did seem to make her decision to fire him before he got there. When I left she was dancing with a guy who I found, when I called her this afternoon, was not the guy she was waiting for. While nothing is going on between the two of us, I think, with her, that I can have someone to do stuff with. Time will tell...


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