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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hot Zombie

Yes, I know that headline sounds very strange, but that is how I feel today. Why? I was up for a very long time yesterday and didn't sleep well this morning and the weather is hot and my air conditioner has kicked the bucket. I got up yesterday morning at 7 AM to volunteer at the Greater Chicago Food Depository with One Brick. Two of my friends were running the event from our side and it was pretty good to see them. We transferred frozen green beans and snow peas from 600 pound boxes to two pound bags in order to make them more usable to the various food pantries that the GCFD services. After we finished, several of us had lunch at El Muro, a very good Mexican restaurant that is near the GCFD. I got home at a little after 3 PM and was planning to take a nap because I knew that I was going to be up all night. It was hot outside so I decided that yesterday was going to be the first day I ran my air conditioner. I closed my windows, turned the air conditioner on, and laid down for a nap, but it was really too warm to sleep well. I let the air conditioner run for a while expecting my place to get gradually cooler. I checked it a couple of hours later and found that it wasn't happening so I called my maintenance guy not really expecting anything to happen on Saturday night. I opened the windows and hung out before I had to leave to go to Grant Park for the L.A.T.E Ride. I was a Course Marshall this year so I had to be out on the course longer than I usually am. I did however, get back to Grant Park soon enough to get my breakfast and sit down to watch the sun rise. I arrived home at about 7AM this morning and after I took a shower, I tried to sleep. As I am not used to sleeping at 7 AM, I didn't sleep well and my maintenance guy arrived at 12:30 PM to declare my air conditioner dead. So as I said at teh beginning, I'm hot and I feel like a zombie.


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