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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Museum of Hoaxes

I received my air conditioner yesterday and it ran all day. Today was relatively cooler so the air conditioner was turned off and the windows were opened. When I went to bed last night, it was still warm so I left the AC running. I did notice some lightning off to the west so I expected some rain in the evening. I didn't hear it however, because I had the AC on and I fell asleep immediately. It must have been pretty rough though because I apparently had a power blip because my clock was blinking and when I was riding my bike to work, I noticed, on a side street, an eight inch tree branch laying across the road.

I came across this website today and tought it was pretty good so I thought I would share it. It seems to explore the odd, unusual, and otherwise bizarre. An email I received referred to a bicycle eating tree so i had to look it up and thus I found the Museum of Hoaxes.


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