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Tuesday, March 08, 2005


This update could potentially be very long because I haven't updated in several days. Having said that, it probably won't be because I don't feel like writing an exceptionally long post. I went to Michigan on Thursday night and returned on Sunday. Because I was out of my routine for the weekend, it would have been very difficult to write on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. On Sunday, I returned home but the drive tired me out and Monday I spent catching up with my email. I went to Michigan to celebrate my Mother's 60th birthday. I didn't let her know I was coming up and in fact lied to tell her I wasn't coming up. I stayed Thursday night at my friend Guy's house and walked in on Friday to surprise her. Her birthday was on Saturday. My sister Tracy was in Midland for Mom's birthday and set up a baby shower for my sister Melissa on Sunday. Tracy also planned a surprise party with a couple of my aunts, for our Mother at the Michigan Train Museum in Durand, MI. Tracy mentioned that there was a really cool train museum that was having some sort of celebration and she convinced Mom and Dad that we would have fun. I just played ignorant and my Dad was also along for the ride. My brother, Terry, said that he would meet us there. My mom was suspecting a little until several of her sisters called on her birthday and told her that they were going to be doing other things. It was very funny to watch her jaw hit the floor when we got to the room in the museum where we were having the party. It was a very nice party, all but two of my mother's 11 siblings were there, in addition to several of her cousins, my Dad's family, and a few family friends.

I figured that I was going to have a quiet day Sunday because the women were going to have my sister's baby shower. It was going to be very big, so they had it in a hall. As I said, I thought things were going to be quiet until I left. I was having lunch when my Mom called to let someone know that she forgot something and she needed it delivered. My Dad was watching two of my nephews so it fell on me to do the delivery. Unfortunately, that roped me into being errand boy when I got there. I had to make three runs for various things after I made my delivery. It was okay though because my sister had a successful shower.

Movie: Traffik (episode 5 and 6) (4 stars)
Book: Last Call by Laura Pedersen
Iraq: February - 58 (will be listed on Sunday)
March - 14
Total - 1512


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