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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Mt. St. Helens, Words, and Hunter Thompson again

I have been writing all day so this may very well be a short post. Geologists are watching Mt. St. Helens closely again because there was a small explosion on Tuesday. Air traffic had to be rerouted because the resulting ash cloud rose to 36,000 feet. 5 of 7 monitors that were in the crater before the explosion are no longer responding and are thought to be disabled. There is thought that this is the beginning of a more active period in the mountains eruptive cycle.

I found this really cool website about words. It consists of 19 pages of word oddities and trivia from various dictionaries. While it all is pretty cool, some of the words aren't English, so they don't (in my mind, count).

Hunter Thompson's family is looking for a cannon to follow through with his last wish, which was to shoot his ashes out of a cannon over his compound. They have put a request out for people with cannons to submit a 1000 word essay with a picture of the cannon. Ideally, they would like to have a cannon with historical significance and hopefully one from Kentucky. Send your pictures to the Thompson compound in Aspen, Colorado.

Music: Paperwings - Damien Jurado
Book: Last Call - Laura Pedersen
Iraq: March - 15
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