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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


As I said yesterday, I had nothing outside of work that I had to do today yet still I remained busy. I had lunch today with an engineer at work that I don't see often. I would like to call him a friend but he is just a little too annoying to be taken in anything other than small doses. When he started, he latched on to me as a friend and I just went along with it. He now travels quite a bit so I don't have to deal with him often. It was kind of cool to see him today.

After work today, I paid bills and started to wade through my email. I am down to 46 unread emails in my inbox (down from 120). I also had to send off a couple of emails. One to a coworker of my brother who was wondering about how to find someone using the internet. Marty referred her to me because I have done a lot of genealogy research on the internet. When he referred her to me, I understood that this was a genealogical quest and thought I was going to be asked about the websites that I use. When she sent her email, it appeared that she was looking for a living person which is cosiderably harder than trying to find a dead one. I told her this and referred her to the websites that I have used. The other email I fired off was to my friend Jacques to give him the address of this site.

I also ended up talking to a distant cousin (third cousin on the Grice side) about my genealogy work on the Grice family for about 45 minutes. I talked to her once before and we exchanged information. Unfortunately, I had lost her address. She sent me her info on the Grice family now I can send her mine. I did notice that there were a few problems in her data that I can correct.

In other news, Rusiia seems to be creating stoner cows. A herd of cows will be fed bails of confiscated marijuana after their normal feed of sunflowers and maize had to be destroyed during the confiscation of the marijana because the marijuana was planted among the feed plants. "I don't know what the milk will be like after this," said a Federal Drugs Control spokeswoman.

The music world was saddened this weekend by the death of John Loder, producer, engineer, and founder of Southern Records and Southern Studios. He was 59. As the online magazine Pitchfork Media reports, Loder died in his bed at he London Institute for Neurology where he had been being treated for a brain tumor.
Founded in the mid-80's by Loder and the punk group Crass, Southern was instrumental in the spread of the indie gospel throughout the world. While I am sure that Southern Records will continue, they will certainly be lesser for his loss.

In Iraq today, 2 more soldiers were lost, bringing the totals to 59 for the month and 1858 in total. And the Republican administrationstill thinks that this is a winnable war.


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