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Thursday, August 18, 2005

What I read

People have wondered where I get all of my information. I have been told that I have a wealth of trivial knowledge and I know what is happening when. I am a voracious reader and read about 20 books a year. In addition, I am subscribed to The Nation and TimeOut Chicago. The Nation gives me my worldview and TimeOut Chicago lets me know whats going on. I also really enjoy The Reader and The Onion but they aren't always the easiest papers to find so I don't get to read them often. These are just the things that I read in paper format. There are also many things that I read online on a regular basis. For my regular news, I read both the electronic versions of the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun Times. Working Assets, a progressive company that offers cellular, credit card, and long-distance services and uses a portion of your bill to donate to a variety of non-profit organizations such as Union of Concerned Scientists, Democracy Now!, Oxfam, and the ACLU has a news and opinion section on their website called Working for Change which prints Op Eds from a variety of newspapers and also has a blog by David Sirota. For music news, I can't beat Pitchfork which does news and reviews mostly of indie and punk artists although they also do some rap, some electronic, and even some pop. I frequently hit CNN and MSNBC (but NEVER Fox). Lately, I have also been reading Gapers Block and I just discovered Oh My Rockness which lists all of the indie shows in Chicago every week. So this is where I get much of my information. I do pick up some stuff in other places but I can't let everyone know where I get everything can I ?

In Iraq today, there were 4 more military killed bringing the total to 63 for August and 1862 in total. The continued documentation of those killed in Iraq will restart this weekend.


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