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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Changed Plans

I was going to talk tonight about a movie I saw called The Baxter. However, as I didn't see the movie, I can't give a two minute review. Why did I not see the movie? Because it was a sneak preview and like most sneak previews, it was overbooked to ensure capacity. I arrived too late and the show sold out. Its a pity because the premise sounded pretty good. The Baxter is the guy a girl settles for when she can't get her true love. He's also the guy that gets dumped when their true love comes back. I have been the Baxter more than once so I think I could have related to the main character.

While it was a little disappointing that I was unable to see the movie, I happened to run into a friend that I knew from SASC who also got to the theatre too late. I talked to her for a little while but as she was with someone, and they had decided to go see another movie, we had to part. I decided to take the scenic route. I walked down Halsted to Lincoln and Fullerton and decided to visit the local MSU bar, The Gin Mill. It was pretty packed, especially for a Thursday night, so I didn't stay. I noticed recently that the Lounge Ax had been very close to the Gin Mill so I had to see what it was now that yuppies had killed it. It was a yuppie bar called The Gramercy. That really offended me while there are still some good bars around that have good bands, many are beginning to have the same problems that the Lounge Ax did before it closed, the Yuppies are trying to push them out.

One more soldier was killed in Iraq today, bringing the totals to 11 for September and 1895 for the war.


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