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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I looked at a few of my most recent posts and noticed that there is very little continuity from paragraph to paragraph. Granted, I'm writing this with very little preparation and stream of consciousness writing does tend to jump around but, the problem is, that it also makes it a little difficult to follow.

Bringing this up, I am now going to write about several unrelated subjects. First, "Gilligan" died. Bob Denver, 70, who starred as Gilligan in the TV show, Gilligan's Island, died at Wake Forest University Baptist Hospital on Friday from complications of cancer. His wife, Dreama, and his four children, Patrick, Megan, Emily, and Colin were by his side. Mr. Denver was preceded in death by fellow cast members Alan Hale Jr.(the Skipper), Jim Backus (the Millionaire), and Natalie Schafer (the Millionaire's wife).

I volunteered tonight as a member of One Brick. We put together 2500 battery powered lanterns for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for a night event that they have coming up. I saw a few friends of mine which was nice and met a few other people. I also found out that one of my other friends decided to go to Grad School in New York. I was a little bummed to find this out but I wish her well.

Walking to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's office today, I had to walk by Blommers Chocolate Factory. Blommers makes some great chocolate, their own and private label and its great to have to walk by when they are making chocolate. Chicago has been known as the chocolate and candy capital but it has lost some of its cache in recent years with the loss of Brachs and Brocks, Fannie Mae, and even Frango Mints. Having said that, their have been a few companies that have stepped up; Vosges and Chocolate Potpourri. I love chocolate and I have had Vosges Chocolate which I really like, but I have not had Chocolate Potpourri, mainly because they don't have a brick and mortar store. I may, however, have to order some sometime.

One last thing before I go to Iraq, I came across this today on the web and thought that everyone should experience the Bad Haiku Generator.

In Iraq today, 2 more people were killed, bringing the total to 10 for September and 1894 for the war.


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