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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Kabul House

Hey look at this, I'm actually writing on a weekend. I did my first extended bike ride of the season yesterday and it was great. It really wasn't that far (21 miles) but it was quite a bit further than I have biked this season. My legs were/are fine and as usual, the place where I got my tightness was between my shoulder blades. I am going to do "Bike the Drive" next weekend and I am confident that I will be fine. It is 30 miles but it will probably be slower than I usually ride and there are breaks about every seven miles.

I have mentioned that that my New Years Resolution was to eat at at least two restaurants where I have not yet eaten a month. Yesterday was my restaurant day. I had been planning on going to Gale Street Inn, but decided that the majority of the restaurants that I had been going to have been relatively mundane and while Gale Street Inn is supposed to be really good, it is also pretty ordinary. I decided to go to a restaurant that has been on my list for a while but keep on forgetting about, Kabul House which, as you may expect, serves Afghani fare. I had no idea what Afghani fare was going to be like but, it turns out, it is like a cross between Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine. There are a lot of Kebab and rice dishes on the menu and the main meats are chicken and lamb. I tried something that was a lamb dish with rice and garnished with pared carrots and raisins. It was really good, the price was right and I ended up taking about half of it home. I will definitely have to go there again.


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