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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Upcoming weekend

Today was entirely uneventful but I do plan on having a literary weekend. Tomorrow, I am going to Northwestern to listen to Jonathan Alter, the editor of Newsweek, talk about his new book about the first 100 days of FDR. Saturday, I plan on going to a garage sale by Choke, Inc. Choke, Inc. is an Indie music distributor and they are moving to a larger space but they want to get rid of much stuff as possible so they are selling CD's for a buck or fill a plastic grocery bag for $5. I will also go to Printer's Row Book Fair. I probably won't get anything their but I want to see if Lake Claremont Press is there. Sunday, The Other Book Festival is going on at a club downtown and Harvey Pekar is talking, but my book club meeting is at 7 PM so I may not be able to see him. I will have to do some calculating, but I hope I can swing both events.


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