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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Weekend with the fam

I try to come up with a title for my post before I actually start writing but at this point, I really can't come up with anything that would seem to summarize the last two days. I guess I will have to write and see if anything pops out that could sum things up. My nephew Sebastian's 3rd birthday is this weekend (actually, it falls on the 21st) and my parents, my sister Melissa, and her two sons, Devon and Carter came down for his birthday party which was today. They actually came down Thursday night and are leaving tomorrow. I saw them yesterday and today but won't see them tomorrow before they leave.

A few weeks ago, I read an article about this hybrid sweet corn that is grown in Harvard called Mirai. It's supposed to be crisp, sweet, and generally very good. I wanted to get some but I had not been able to because it would have involved about a 90 mile round trip. A friend and co-worker of mine however, has parents that live in Karvard and picked some up for me after a visit to his parents. I wanted to get some so my family could try it out. Results? Everyone really enjoyed it.

Before I went over to my sister's house yesterday, I had some things that I had to do. Primarily, I had a three hour volunteer shift at WLUW answering phones for their pledge drive. It was a lot of fun, I took several pledges and I got to talk to several DJ's for shows that I enjoy. I then ran down to Australian Homemade to pick up some chocolates for my sister, Tracy, who's birthday was on Wednesday. I then had to run back home to pick up several bottles of wine that my brother, Marty won in an online wine auction and couldn't have mailed to him because of liquor laws in Michigan. And on my way up to my sister's house, I stopped to pick up some pictures that I had developed.

I got to Tracy's house and Melissa's friend Pam was there. She had come up from Peoria, where she is now living, to visit Melissa. I have known Pam since she was a young teenager and it was nice to see her however briefly.

I went to visit everyone today also, but I waited until after Sebastian's birthday party and after everyone had had a nap. While I waited, I downloaded 98 songs from the internet. I got a bunch of various stuff from Insound, of which their were many that I had never heard of but the writeup sounded cool. They eventually will end up on my Iriver after I listen to them, but I do have to listen to them, make sure I like them, make sure the data is correct, and then upload. I also watched the weirdest movie I have ever seen, Naked Lunch. It was pretty good, but as I said it was very weird; a noir on drugs that involved extermination, addiction to bug powder, giant bugs, typewriting, and homosexuality.

One more soldier lost his life today in Iraq, bringing the total to 64 for August and 1863 in total.


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