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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I'm Ba-aack

After a very busy week and a very relaxing holiday weekend, I have returned. I don't really have much planned for the next 8 days; actually that's not true, I have something planned on Saturday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but it will be much more relaxing than it was last week when I was out every night. Monday and Tuesday, I was helping with the Late Ride; Wednesday, I was CBF; Thursdaywas bookclub night (which I have decided to resign from) and Friday was Critical Mass. Saturday, I drove up to Midland to spend time with my sisters and nephews and a good time was had by all. My parents weren't home so I had their house to myself with the exception of my Mom's 3 cats. I spent 4 days up there and really didn't do much spectacular. I ate a lot of pizza (because my sister's boyfriend is the manager for Papa John's Pizza). I played video games, I had some long talks with Kathryn, Melissa, John (Kathryn's boyfriend) and Sean(Melissa's Ex) and I went on a long walk with Melissa's son Devon (who is 5). We also went to Coldstone Creamery and saw fireworks on the 4th.

Today, I drove back home and had to buy groceries after I got home. It should be fairly quiet in my immediate future so I should be able to put up more frequent posts when i do have something to post.


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