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Thursday, July 06, 2006

I just remembered...

After reading my blog last night, I realized that I hadn't posted about my trip to Indianapolis. I went down because my cousin Wendy had graduated from IUPUI with a BFA in furniture design this year and she was having an open house on the 24th. I went to Indy for the open house. Her older sister Stephanie catered the event. Actually she had the party at her own house. While I knew that Stephanie was a caterer and I knew that she was a pretty good cook, I did not know that she had a storefront or that she was nearly as successful as she is. My cousins have had several events in the past year, but due to a variety of circumstances, I have been unable to make it to any of them. It was nice to see them. I had planned to go down just for the day because I didn't make a reservation at a hotel and I hadn't asked to stay beforehand. I thought that it would be rude to assume that someone could put me up for the night without my asking first. When they found out that I was planning to drive back on Saturday, I had offers from both Stephanie and Wendy to stay there for the night. As I was already at Steph's house, I decided to stay there which was good because as a chef, she felt the need to feed me and then send me home with more food.

A couple of days after I returned home I got an email from Wendy, again thanking me for coming down but also to ask about the type of women that I like. The fact that I am single and have no luck with women came up and so she decided to take it upon herself to try to introduce me to someone. The fact that she was asking about the type of women that I like told me immediately that she had someone in mind which I told her, but having said that, I also gave her a description of the women that I tend to be attracted to. Actually, I told her more about what I don't like than what I do because there are fewer things that I would rather not deal with than things that I have to have. Wendy gave me a description of her friend and her email so I will email her and see what happens. More on this later...


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