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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A quick post about the devil and deer

As I quicly mentioned yesterday, yesterday was 06/06/06. Some people were trying to equate it to 666, the number of the beast as described in in the King James version of the Bible. Several fundamentalists have equated Rock and Roll with the Devil's music. As a result of this, several Rock musicians have tried to use this to their advantage and played it up., a website that I use frequently (its a great music reference site) came up with a list called the Devil's Playlist. It left out several obvious picks like a few songs by The Rolling Stones, Elvis, Charlie Daniels, and Cliff Richards but it made some good choices.

I also mentioned yesterday a deer gone wild in Racine, Wisconsin. Apparently, Southern Illinois University in Carbondale has had their problems with deer attacks. Last year there were seven people injured, this year there have been four. A police officer shot a doe that attacked yesterday that was eventually euthanized. It is fawning season, so officials suspect that the attacks have been prompted by the does trying to protect their fawn.


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